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Shaffer Stuart

Resumen biográfico I'm skeptical about the name that is assigned to women like me: high-class. It signifies that I'm superior over other prostitutes because Ive conformed for the ideals of the exceptional. As I get older Im starting to see how sick this Western society and mentality is: this society brainwashed us to worship the rich, the powerful, and the beautiful (yet, are considering really the ones are usually altruistic, humanistic, and understanding??) Our society tells us to value the worst aspects of society: the elite, exclusiveness, the upper class of snobs who exploit the masses. What other name can I advertise myself as other than high-class? Should Another Directory be the socially conscious and intellectual escort? Unfortunately, to participate this perverted game, I've got to conform to what will bring me business: the high-class escort. If only I was able to advertise myself as: I am a Halal Escort.
Film for thought: I watched an Algerian film that depicts a Muslim prostitute. FREE ESCORT DIRECTORIES called Viva LAlgerie. I suppose the character playing the prostitute was halalbecause there is a scene where she wears her modest Islamic outfit (possibly an Abaya) over her sexy slinky dress for work.
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Another Directory , 2014 at 1:57 pm
Dear Lady
You are pure in your thoughts of not being arrogant of your success as the prostitute and treating all your clients with love ( for payment of course) irrespective of their social stature .
I hope the quantity and quality of the timed love you provide with a clients isn't directly proportional to money they pay