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Less Than 10 Days to go Until the UK National Lotto Increase their Price to £2

por Josef Ross (2019-08-12)

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After nearly 20 years of the UK's favorite game, played by millions each week - the National Lotto are set to increase the minimum cost of 1 to 2. The New Game is available from Thursday 3rd October ready for the draw on Saturday 5th October. Both the Wednesday & Saturday draws will now include the newly priced tickets.

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Despite the price increase being very un-welcomed, the increase is somewhat overdue and it is not all bad news. The New Lotto is offering customers more chances to win and increased prizes with the draws on 5th & 12th October promising Jackpots of at least 10 million each! The extra costs will certainly mean bigger weekly jackpot pools along with the addition of a brand new raffle which will guarantee 50 winners of 20,000. The new game will come with the addition of a printed numerical/character code on your ticket when you purchase in the shop, online or part of a syndicate. What is more, matching 3 numbers you will now win 25, up from 10 previously, and หวยเจ้าพ่อปากแดง matching 4 numbers wins you 100, up from the 60 before. Average Jackpots for Saturday's draw are now around 5 million, up from 3.9 million previously. Find out more about the odds and prizes by clicking on the new lotto link above. The New Lotto is played exactly the same way, of course with the additional of 2 nice rounded gold coins with the Queen's head one, as opposed to the 1 you normally pay with, to find out more, click on the links above.

You play the Lottery the same way you used to, either by purchasing tickets offline via supermarkets, local convenient stores and service stations, and now including new websites offering you the chance to purchase online safely and securely. And remember, there is no need to do anything extra to participate in the NEW RAFFLE, you will be automatically entered into this draw with a code presented on your normal lotto ticket.

More information about the New Lottery pricing, new prizes and more chances to win available at website

The New Lotto is set to come into play at the beginning of October promising customers more chances to win, bigger jackpots. All in all, a increase of 100% is a bit steep but considering it is the first time Camelot has increased their prices in 19 years, it is well overdue. I would imagine that the UK's favourite lotto game will lose a few customers, but the decline in customers will be offsset with the double cost ticket increase.

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