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Why nature is so beautiful?

por Brian Bamford (2019-08-11)

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Ever one has seen how lovingly a humming bird collects nectar from the flower?  It never hurt the petals or pains the pollen.  Has anyone seen how a sun bird collects nectar from the flower?  Has it ever harmed a flower?  Can anyone hurt a flower so beautiful?  How a beautiful bird can hurt a beautiful flower?   Is there a space for hatred in the kingdom of love? Absence of love is only called hatred.  Similarly absence of light is only called darkness. Destruction is exactly the opposite of beauty.  How beauty can harm beauty, this is the law of de nature and on this principle only the entire nature has been created, the entire process of evolution has happened and is happening.  Certainly man is an exception.

neuburg-on-the-danube-2629971_960_720.jpThe great thing about having de nature wallpapers is that as the seasons change you can change your nature backgrounds to tie in with whatever the weather or time of the year may entail. There is nothing quite like a snow covered woodlands with a small cottage in the far distance with smoke from the log fire pumping through the chimney, or a hot summers day in a meadow or daisy's neighboured by a field of corn, with the farmers tractor set up upon the hill.

A mecca for wildlife, the park is home to various species of plants and wildlife, including 400 plants, 90 birds, 27 mammals, 19 reptiles and eight species of amphibians. To help you navigate the park, there are five signposted walks to choose from, ranging in distances from 2.5km to 7km.

What is meditation? It is nothing more than visiting this stream on a daily basis. Simply it is the sinking dance into our sea of consciousness, releasing the submerged stresses and coming to the point of inner stillness where there is no object of consciousness - but consciousness itself.

We are coming to the source of our life current, the spring of pure consciousness. Here we may encounter pure light or energy. Only subtle vibrations exist here. Our bodies become recharged with life. Our consciousness is renewed as we have cleared the way for a burst of fresh energy to flow up purifying the sea of consciousness, regenerating the mind, giving new life to every cell of our brain.

You are sitting by a quietly flowing stream in the countryside. It is spring and life is green and moist? Sitting on a rock, the sights and sounds of the flowing water begin to work their mysterious way into your nervous system.

We can continue to think that beyond man, no living creature in the world has the ability to value the beauty?  If the presumption of man were true, why then the evolution has poured so much of its marvel and wonder in bird kingdom.   Was evolution a blind process and was operating so amateurishly until man finds it to be faulty.  Man only discovered the blemish of nature where it was creating many species of birds so marvelously, where they neither were able to feel or experience the beauty nor could be proud of. 

Having de nature backgrounds that are filled with acres and acres of forestry with beautiful hills and valleys between can take your breath away. Streams flowing from mountains and waterfalls gushing down into whirlpools will have you looking at the image and imagining you are there.

Not all nature wallpapers have to be on such a big scale however, as seeing a door mouse scurrying to its home with food for the family, or a woodpecker pecking at its favourite tree will have you just as fixated. Nature backgrounds for desktops are usually jam packed full of exciting things in every nook and cranny.

Nobody can deny that nature wallpapers are not a work of art in themselves, and being able to have these at hand for whenever you wish to view them makes your experience on your computer just that little bit more enjoyable.

In the ultimate analysis, the problem of Natural degradation reduces itself to the question of re-ordering the relationship that has so far existed among the economic needs of man, the technological progress, and the nature but Nature, it seems is in no mood to stand any further abuses and excesses. And man has now realised that he has to work with it and he will never tolerate the rape of Good Earth any further. IL is, at this point, that his aesthetic instinct will come to his rescue. After all, he is bringing about industrial progress with the aim of making the world a better, more beautiful and more comfortable place to live in. People have now thought that there is no rational alternative to working together to bring about some. Improvement in the Nature so that we and our children can lead a healthy life.

It is an age old maxim that Nature is our mother and if it is to be commanded, it must be obeyed. Nature binds truth, happiness and virtue together as by an insoluble chain but mans ignorance of this immortal Nature is the only source of his unhappiness. Ever since his appearance on this planet, man has been using the priceless gifts of nature without restraint. He has rather taken them for granted. Seldom di4 he give thought to the fact that the supplies of air that he breathed, the water that he drank, the food that he ate and the industrial raw materials which he extracted from the bowels of earth might disappear one day. Nature had been suffering because of thoughtless human intervention in its recycling process for hundreds of years. The relationship between man and nature reflects profound changes in the wake of modem scientific and technological development. And here lies the cause for concern for the entire human race.

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